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To improve the effectiveness of existing home energy retrofits, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is working to make accurate efficiency and cost measures information available to the public. In addition, NREL is developing a repository of field data for residential buildings. This page provides information about how you can participate in this research by providing data for both of these efforts.

Measures Data

The National Residential Efficiency Measures Database is a publicly-available, centralized resource of residential building retrofit measures and costs for the U.S. building industry. The database is routinely updated to include new measures, add measure properties, and update or expand measure cost data. NREL encourages industry participation and contribution to the database.

If you have measure performance property data or measure cost data to contribute to the project, please contact us.

Field Data

Datasets that include both the characteristics of residential buildings and associated energy use are extremely useful in residential energy efficiency research. Using primarily statistical methods, these data can help answer key questions:

  • How much audit data are needed to accurately estimate energy savings from retrofit measures?
  • On average, how well do simulation tools predict energy use?
  • Can we successfully identify retrofit-candidate homes from bulk utility billing data?

NREL is currently developing a database to host this information. The repository is being built with voluntary input from Home Energy Rating System providers, home performance contractors, utility program managers, and others. If you would like to contribute data to this project, please contact us.

How to Submit Data

You can submit data relating to specific retrofit measures (such as the cost to upgrade an air conditioner) or overall home characteristics and energy use. NREL researchers will be examining this data to provide input into the databases and inform future research activities.

All data will be treated confidentially. All data will be combined and processed with other data. No single-source data will be made publically available.

Personal Information

If possible, remove personal information such as names and home addresses. Please include zip codes, if available, as that helps identify climate zones.

If it is not possible to remove personal information, please indicate that personal information is included in the data being uploaded in the Description of Data field. NREL will remove these data and follow laboratory procedures protecting personal information.

Data Format

We will accept data in any format, including Microsoft Excel, Access, and Word. We will also accept either comma separated or tab-delimited text files. Please provide any documentation needed to understand the data, e.g. table and/or field descriptions. There are plans to formalize the data formats in the future—your data will help inform this process.

Security and Privacy

We do not share or make available any of your registration information. Your information will be kept confidential and only used internally for tracking the number of users. The e-mail addresses are never sold, rented, or distributed in any way.


If you have any questions about this process, please submit those using the form on this Web site.

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